Welcome to Forensic Accounting Services, LLC
Your strategic resource for resolving complex financial matters.

Embezzlement. Fraud. White collar crime. Business Litigation. They are an inevitable part of the fabric of today’s business environment. Investigating them requires experience, integrity and determination to get to the truth no matter what it takes.

We are your partners in that pursuit. With over two decades of experience in forensic accounting behind us, we know how to dig into the facts and get to the truth you need to deal with your case.

Our working relationships with attorneys, law enforcement professionals, CEOs, CFOs, business owners and nonprofit executives are built on four principles:

  • Dedication to integrity
  • Dogged determination to master the details
  • Obsession with uncovering the facts
  • Resolve to get to the truth of the matter


Coming Soon….Fraud Vault(TM). Your resource for all things FRAUD! Check back soon for more information.

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When to call:

Call as early as possible for the most impact on a case. The earlier we get involved, the more we can add. We’ll add value when we work together on:

  • Initial Consultation on a New Matter
  • Identification of an Initial Strategy
  • Interrogatories
  • Document Requests
  • Depositions
  • Expert Testimony