Resources for Reporters

Stephen Pedneault can be an excellent resource for stories involving forensic accounting, fraud and financial crimes. He excels at explaining complicated financial issues in an understandable way.

Stephen founded Forensic Accounting Services, LLC in 2005 to assist clients, attorneys, law enforcement, courts and stakeholders in investigating and resolving complex financial issues. A frequent local and national speaker and author, Mr. Pedneault is also an adjunct professor at UConn and Manchester Community College, and has authored four books, and contributed to three others (Wiley).

Think of Forensic Accounting Services, LLC as a resource for stories on:

  • White-collar crime
  • How employers can prevent employee thefts and embezzlement
  • Minimizing one’s exposure to fraud and other financial crimes
  • Maximizing the outcome if someone falls victim to a financial crime
  • What are fiduciary duties, and breaches by individuals for personal gain
  • How individuals financially abuse others under their care
  • Ways to minimize financial abuse within matrimonial matters
  • Challenges facing investigating and resolving financial cases
  • How to minimize becoming a victim to “Madoff” schemes
  • Practical advice regarding identity theft and minimizing your risks

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