Why Use a Forensic Accountant?

Let us help you resolve your matter by combining our accounting knowledge with experience with:

  • Court systems
  • Filing requirements
  • Overall litigation process
  • Investigative methodologies
  • Interactions with criminal justice agencies
  • Interviewing skills
  • Communicating with audiences from attorneys & judges to victims & suspects

When it comes to litigation support, fraud investigations and forensic accounting, the selection of the most appropriate specialist to meet a specific need in these areas could make the difference between addressing your matter and satisfactorily resolving your matter.

We go beyond the numbers to get to the facts. We add value to cases in the following ways and more:

  • Crafting questions to be posed
  • Responding to questions posed
  • Identifying documents to be requested and/or subpoenaed
  • Identifying individuals to be most knowledgeable of facts
  • Conducting research relevant to facts of the case
  • Identifying and preserving key evidence
  • Evaluating produced documentation and information for completeness
  • Analyzing produced records and other information for facts
  • Identifying alternative means to obtain key facts and information
  • Providing questions for deposition and cross examination of fact and expert witnesses