What is Forensic Accounting

The majority of accounting firms offer the “traditional” menu of services. While experienced accountants well versed in accounting and/or taxes can address many accounting and tax related matters, when issues arise either very specific in nature or outside the traditional accounting services, specialists with the appropriate background and experience should be considered to best address the matter.

In the context of forensic accounting and litigation support, this is especially true. The skills required to provide value in resolving a matter extend much beyond traditional accounting knowledge and experience. That’s why Forensic Accounting Services, LLC focuses solely on forensic accounting and litigation support – we do not offer the traditional menu of accounting services. Our focus is to be experts in our specialty and stand out from other firms because forensic accounting is all we do.

As forensic accountants, we draw upon our expertise and experience to find resolutions for our clients by exceling in the following areas:

  • Identifying goals and objectives of matters
  • Strategizing with counsel and stakeholders
  • Formulating an approach
  • Executing strategic procedures
  • Drafting reports and results
  • Testifying to findings