Remember What's Important

The things that matter most in life are health, family and friends.

In addition to forensic accounting, I also help people through my work on an ambulance. As an EMT I experience people during difficult times and help deliver medical care as well as re-assurance. My experiences on the calls keeps me grounded and reminds me what things in life are most important: health, family, and friends.

One recent call was especially grounding. A young healthy man attending a park in town watching over his young kids and their team mates began not feeling well. Being an avid runner and health enthusiast he didn’t want any attention or care, but just wanted to be at the park with his kids. A short time later still at the park it became more obvious he needed to be seen and was transported to a local hospital, where en route his condition rapidly deteriorated. Unfortunately he never left the hospital.

In comparing where he was in his life, it was painfully clear that I was exactly at the same point. We were the same age, same number of kids at the same age, both entrepreneurs running our own businesses…

Turns out he had brain cancer and never knew it until that afternoon in the park with his kids when he fainted for the first time. You just never know.

In place of racing through life trying to accumulate more money and assets, trying to achieve things realistically beyond ones means, and focusing on the negatives in life, just think how our society could improve if everyone focused on the positives, the things in our lives we already have right in front of us but take for granted everyday.

I am fortunate to see the things I have and appreciate them, and also fortunate to have the means to experience situations of those less fortunate that forces me to remember what it is I have that is most important: my health, my family and my friends.