Quarantines: A Cheap Price of Admission for Electronic Client Files

Does your practice or organization utilize a computer quarantine process? If not, after reading this, you will! The day began in a typical manner, reviewing information recently received from a client to determine next steps.  These records included printed documents,… Read More »

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Taking Responsibility

Last week a parcel delivery truck raced down our street, a very short street with three houses on each side.  I remembered it from every other night because the truck was traveling so fast, and right in front of my… Read More »

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Homeless Vet's Act A Sign Of Doing The Right Thing

Here’s a great story illustrating how doing the right thing can lead to greater rewards. I first heard this story last week at a local restaurant having breakfast with my son.  I searched to find the story, and to my… Read More »

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Accountibility Redeemed – Just another night of damage to our vehicle

Quietly eating dinner tonight with my family, the waiter came to our table and asked if we own a certain vehicle in their parking lot.  I could tell before he even came over this wasn’t going to be good news. … Read More »

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Seatbelts Save Lives – But Only If They Are Worn.

Responding to emergency calls, I have seen a great deal over the last fourteen years since starting my second career working on an ambulance.  Recently we responded to a vehicle full of occupants that had rolled several times.  All the… Read More »

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