Boy Scouts

Teaching Right From Wrong – A Boy Scouts Lesson

This past weekend I camped with the Boy Scouts.  On Saturday several classes were organized, including a hike to find the lost village. As we hiked off the property and towards private property, the Assistant Scout Master leading the hike stopped our group just within the entrance to the property, and just after we passed two parked trucks.  He indicated …

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Keep Your Eyes On… Everything You Own!

Economy improving?  Property crimes under control.  I personally don’t think so.  Just in the last few days, I have determined that you can’t take your eyes off of anything, regardless of past practices.  What has changed? Last week during a Boy Scouts meeting, as the meeting was underway, my son’s boy scout uniform (just back from having patches sewn on) …

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Twelve Traits – The Source

As a few individuals accurately identified, the source of these traits instilled in young men worldwide is…. The Boy Scouts. Trustworthy    Loyal     Helpful     Friendly     Courteous     Kind Obedient     Cheerful     Thrifty      Brave      Clean      Reverent In fairness, as I only have boys in our family, I was told the Girl Scouts have a very similar character building motive for young woman.  In …

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