Keep Your Eyes On… Everything You Own!

Economy improving?  Property crimes under control.  I personally don’t think so.  Just in the last few days, I have determined that you can’t take your eyes off of anything, regardless of past practices.  What has changed?

Last week during a Boy Scouts meeting, as the meeting was underway, my son’s boy scout uniform (just back from having patches sewn on) was hanging in the back to bring home after the meeting.  In plain view with constant activity, someone stole his uniform off the rack.  Gone, without a trace (and ironically after I posted the virtues of Boy Scouting).  Now we must buy him a new uniform and all the badges and patches that accompany it.  Who would have figured that to happen?

Yesterday I was packing up the outside furniture for the season, and storing the outside items away.  When I went to disassemble our hammock in the front yard, I discovered a small problem.  No hammock.  Someone had stolen our hammock right from the front of our house, where it sat all season.  Perhaps for the metal (scrap value), perhaps to enjoy on their own property?  Either way a brazen larceny right from our front yard.

Now today I learned bicycles were stolen last evening from my mother-in-law’s house, moved just yesterday to be stored today for the season.  When they went to put them away they encountered a small problem – no more bikes to store.  Someone during the night came through her fence and made off with the bikes.

I searched tonight to determine if property crimes were occurring more frequently, and if so, why that was the case.  I didn’t find any meaningful information.  I did find an interesting article that made the loss of my son’s scout uniform pale in comparison to the loss of an entire boy scout troop’s gear.

Troop 154 stored all their gear in a troop trailer, and when thieves stole the troop’s trailer, they stole the entire gear inventory for the troop.  Here’s the link to their story:

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