Homeless Vet's Act A Sign Of Doing The Right Thing

Here’s a great story illustrating how doing the right thing can lead to greater rewards.

I first heard this story last week at a local restaurant having breakfast with my son.  I searched to find the story, and to my surprise it occurred just as they other patrons had described.

A homeless man found a wallet containing cash, and faced with the dilemma of keeping the cash to buy gifts for his three kids for Christmas versus returning the wallet (funds intact) to the rightful owner, he chose to return the wallet.  A true testament to the fact that there are good people in our society who still value doing the right thing, even when presented with an easier route that would provide personal benefit.

The result of his actions has been an outpouring of calls to provide support not only to the man, but also to the shelter that has provided housing to him.  On a more personal note, his action transformed him from being an unknown homeless vet to “Brian the homeless man from outside Boston who chose to do the right thing.”

Hats off to Brian and all those who have extended offerings to support him and the homeless shelter.

Here’s the URL to one of the articles about this story:


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