Accountibility Redeemed – Just another night of damage to our vehicle

Quietly eating dinner tonight with my family, the waiter came to our table and asked if we own a certain vehicle in their parking lot.  I could tell before he even came over this wasn’t going to be good news.  The waiter told us someone just struck our vehicle in the lot, and then drove away, leaving our damaged vehicle behind.  The waiter also told us two other customers witnessed the crash, and both wanted to stay to be witnesses.  They even got the plate and a good description of the driver.

One witness told us the young lady backed into our car, making it move, and then walked over to our vehicle.  She shrugged her shoulders, walked back to her car, and drove away.

I am happy to report that while having our vehicle damaged yet again (this makes like five times), for the first time, the plate the witnesses provided along with their description lead to the young lady being arrested.  She is at the police station as I write this blog – horray !

Had the witnesses decided not to get involved, commonplace in today’s busy society, we would simply have found our damaged vehicle for the fifth time, and suffered another hefty repair bill (our auto body shop knows us all too well).

To anyone who witnesses something and chooses to step forward to help make those less responsible to be held accountable, thank you!

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