Seatbelts Save Lives – But Only If They Are Worn.

Responding to emergency calls, I have seen a great deal over the last fourteen years since starting my second career working on an ambulance.  Recently we responded to a vehicle full of occupants that had rolled several times.  All the occupants were safely out of the vehicle and suffered little to no injuries.  Why this particular outcome – all the occupants were belted.  It was the best outcome one could hope for in such a tragic occurrence.

Seatbelts make that difference.  In a roll-over accident, it is common for the occupant(s) to be ejected out a window, and either the ejection or the vehicle rolling over them causes serious to fatal injuries.  I have witnessed this too many times, as has anyone who has responded to these calls.

As I was considering this post earlier this morning, I received news that the brother of someone I know living out West was driving his car this past weekend.  In the car were both of his parents.  He lost control, the car rolled, and his father and mother were ejected from the vehicle.  Mom’s outcome was a rare occurrence – she survived with minimal injuries.  Dad was less fortunate and was killed in the accident.  No one was wearing their seat belts even though icy conditions were present.

The outcomes of both accidents could be attributable to one simple variable – wearing seat belts.  I can attest based on my fourteen years experience, I have seen some pretty bad accidents, and those wearing seat belts fared better than those who did not.

Please ensure the best possible outcome for yourself, your family and your passengers.  Be sure to always wear your seat belt, and insist every passenger wears theirs as well.

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