Wallpaper and Screen savers

The power of observation – you can tell a lot about someone by their desktop wallpaper, screen savers and cell ring tones – you just have to be observant.

My son has done a really good job finding crystal clear images of my favorite military aircraft and putting them onto my wallpaper and screen saver. Each time I sit at my desk I think of his enthusiasm when he finds a new one for me.

Of course with my interest in aviation that started when I was his age, I love to see cool shots of my favorite aircraft, the Grumman F-14 Tomcat. Ever since I saw one fly in person in the 70’s (dating myself) I’ve been hooked on it.

This plane has been around as long as I have. You likely know the one – it was featured in Tom Cruise’s smash “Top Gun.” Twin turbo fan with afterburner engines producing 27,000 pounds of thrust for a maximum speed of Mach 1.88 (that’s 1,430 miles per hour). Swing wing design, pilot and radar officer, capable of firing on 24 targets at the same time. I have models, photos and more on this plane dating back since the plane’s inception.

When anyone sees my office or computer it is pretty clear what at least one of my hobbies is – military aircraft – and specifically the F-14.

I am always intrigued by what people choose to customize their computer. Some users never bother to change the defaults that came during the installation. What might that say about them? Others customize their computer to the hill – color schemes, messages, movement… I find it almost as interesting as what people choose for their cell ring tones. I am always surprised to see whose phone is ringing when the theme song from “Sex In The City” plays on someone’s cell during a meeting or quiet moment (like church). More men than women choose that one in my experience.

In forensic accounting, strong observation skills are a requirement. This field involves so much more than accounting and taxes. One way to see things (like clues) all over the place is to actually look for them. In my experience, they are always there – in plain view – staring right at us.