Your Legacy

Nothing like a bit of reality to bring an otherwise Happy Thanksgiving weekend to a close.

My close neighbor fighting for his life in my last post passed away on Thanksgiving Day.Today, planning to attend his wake this afternoon, we learned my other neighbor’s sister passed away on Friday.
At his wake this afternoon I marveled at the two large boards of memories. This was the biggest spread of pictures and other memories I have ever seen displayed at a wake.

He was 76, and lived a very full life. Having immigrated to the US, he served with US forces in the Korean War, earned a bachelor’s degree, and worked his post-war career with the US postal service. An avid hunter and camper, he devoted a lifetime to his family and his Lithuanian heritage. The pictures showed his dedication to the scouts programs over the years, and all the major events in his life. He was an honest and humble man who would give the shirt off his back if you asked for it.

As I glanced through his memories I looked over towards his casket. How proud he must be looking down and reviewing all the things he accomplished in his lifetime. All the people, family, friends, neighbors, who came out this rainy afternoon to pay tribute to an otherwise unknown man from Manchester.

There is a theme to many of my posts. Life is short. Racing through life to collect the biggest and best assets at any cost will only leave your memory board with pictures of what?

Focus on what’s important in life, and work to leave a legacy worth writing about.

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