Accountants Always Get A Bad Rap

Why is it that accounting has such a negative reputation as a career choice? It continues even though the profession has changed so much over the years.

Tonight I was watching a fairly new children’s Christmas movie – “Christmas Is Here Again” – a “G-rated” cartoon narrated by Jay Leno. There were actually a number of well-known celebrity voices.
Although no competition to Charlie Brown’s Christmas Special, my kids enjoyed it.

In one of the scenes the children living in the orphanage are dreaming of what they want to be when they grow up. The first child says she wants to be a dancer, and poof – she is dancing in her outfit and ballet shoes. Then a teacher, policeman, and cook. Each time the child becomes dressed in the appropriate clothes and in a setting of their choice.

Then a child says he wants to be an accountant. My sons and I pipe up and watch the screen to see what he changes into. Nothing – a big nothing. The woman and other kids simply stare at him like he is crazy, and he is the only one who never changed into the profession of his choice.

What’s up with that? What message does that children’s movie send into such young minds – an accountant? Are you crazy? No wonder fewer and fewer are going into this profession – they are getting brain washed at such a young age!

It did make us all smile. My oldest son said – what’s up with that?

Accountants taking a bad rap even in a Christmas children’s cartoon movie!

Remember to keep smiling, be safe, remain healthy, and enjoy the time together with those you love.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !