It’s 10:00 PM – Do You Know Where Your GPS Is?

As I come across things that surprise me, I like to pass them along, especially if I was unaware of the issue, because it could very well mean many folks are unaware of the issue.

I have a portable GPS, my second unit, as my first was stolen from a rental car (subject of an earlier post).  The first thing I did was program my home address so I could easily navigate home from any destination using the button provided.  I never thought about a potential risk I was creating until recently.

Turns out when thieves steal your GPS, they next look for your “Home” address, listed separately or under Favorites.  If the thieves just stole your GPS from your car, they also know you are away from your home, allowing them time to drive to your house (conveniently guided with your GPS unit) and burglarize your house as well.  This could also happen if your unit is permanently mounted in your car if the thieves simply steal your car.  The garage door opener left on the visor in your car is likely how they will gain access to your home.

The best advice I have seen is to replace your actual home address with an address somewhere near your home that you could manage to navigate the rest of your way home without the guidance of your GPS unit.  One suggestion I really liked was to have the “Home” address the local police station, bringing the thieves right to their doors.