Coverage and Consequences All Over The Board

Three fraud related articles just appeared in one of my local newspapers, all on the same day.  The amount of coverage, and the consequences of each crime, makes little sense to me.

Article 1 – woman forged a check (one check) for $144 and cashed it at a local grocery store.  Happens most every day from what I know and hear, especially this time of year.  The article devoted nearly 1/5 of a page, 320 words, to this incident involving one check for $144.  Now granted this individual had done other things as well – but this occurred back in 2004 (five years ago).

Article 2 – A DMV employee charged with forging drivers’ tests results to issue illegal licenses – sentenced to five (5) years in prison.  This article was comprised on one paragraph in a column of one-paragraphed articles, and included 60 words.  Illegal licenses issued to individuals, charged with racketeering, forgery and conspiracy to receive bribes – 60 words.  Where are all those individuals with unlawfully obtained licenses now??? Driving amongst us?

Article 3 – Bank worker gets one (1) DAY in prison.  76 year old bank employee, worked her way up from teller to Executive Vice President, embezzled more than $772,000 over 30 years.  Single paragraph, 77 words (close to one word for each year of her age), and one whole day in prison, for stealing nearly 3/4 of a million dollars – likely a thief her entire professional career with the bank.

Recap: $144 dollars, five years ago, 1/5 page,  320 words (for something five years old)

$Unspecified amount, illegal issuance of DMV drivers licenses, one small paragraph, 60 words, and five years in prison

$722,000 over 30 years, one small paragraph, 77 words, and (1) whole day in prison (quite the deterrent).

I just don’t understand it!