What Side Of The Vehicle For Filling Fuel?

In the spirit of my posts where I try to pass along useful information I learn mainly about fraud, embezzlement and other financial crimes, I thought it would be a great diversion from the usual posts to pass along other useful information that I learn in life.

Today’s post is a great example.  Have you ever found yourself pulling into a gas station while driving a vehicle you are not familiar, perhaps your spouse’s or friend’s car?  Maybe it is simply a rental.  As you pull in, you try to figure out what side needs to be closest to the pumps.  Worse, is when you pull in, only to determine fuel goes in from the other side.  With everyone watching, you have to turn the car around or move to a different pump on the other side of the vehicle.

Well… I never knew until recently all you had to do is look down at the fuel gauge.  The fuel gauge has an image of a gas pump in the middle of the gauge, along with a small arrow.  The arrow points to the side of the vehicle where fuel is added.

How I have been driving for the past 27 years and never knew this secret – I don’t know.  But it made me think… I bet many people don’t know that as well.  In the few people I have shared this with, they never knew it either.  It also made me think what else in life I don’t know, things right in front of me every day.

Hope it helps.  Check out the image of the fuel gauge at the following link: