ATM cards… did you know?

I while back after falling victim of yet another debit card violation, I destroyed my debit card, and reverted back to traditional credit cards.  I also requested and received a traditional, plain Jane ATM card (just like the ones that were originally issued and only worked at an ATM).  The first request of my bank resulted in my receiving a debit MasterCard.  But a trip to the local branch yielded me an ATM card (and a free re-order on checks for their messing things up).

Life has been great with my ATM card.  I still worry about losing my wallet (and everything in it), but I loose less sleep about someone accessing my bank account and draining the limited funds I survive on.

Well, you just have to love banks.  I went to have my ATM card replaced, mainly because the magnetic strip on the back was getting worn.  The teller stated she wanted to remind me that my ATM card could be used anywhere a card can be swiped and a pin code has to be entered.  The ATM card can also be used to receive cash back on transactions.

I told the teller that was not what I wanted to hear.  I wanted her to tell me the card could only be used at an ATM.  But now I know it can be used elsewhere.  The teller stated a plain ATM card no longer exists.