Advancements in Technology… Pros and Cons

Constantly evolving technology impacts our work & personal lives every day, aiding in efficiency in daily tasks that is often taken for granted.

Futuristic technology today

  • Spying Devices – Vehicle-mounted GPS tracking devices, voice recording watches, and video recording stuffed animals & clocks are just the beginning of the quickly evolving spy device market. On the flip side, a stealth pen that will detect the use of electronic spying devices such as cameras and recording devices is also availabe for those concerned about their privacy.
  • Recovery software – Software is available on an innoculous USB drive that can recover previously deleted data from computers, questioning the true meaning of “erased.” Software also exists that can be remotely installed on unsuspecting victims’ cell phones, allowing remote stealth monitoring of phone use.
  • Drones – These devices are becoming more prominent daily, even delivering products to consumers. Their advanced sensors and imaging capabilities are used in a variety of industries, including media and farming.
  • Brain Mapping – Advancements in technology have provided high resolution maps that provide the capability to see structures of the human brain as small as 20 micrometers.

Risks of advanced technology

Such advances in technology deliver more information quicker & easier, but at what cost?

  • Personal data and financial information becomes harder to protect, and is at risk during normal daily activities.
  • Deleted data may be recovered with inexpensive, accessible & easy to use software, no advanced tech skills needed.
  • Privacy can easily be breached without the victim’s knowledge, disclosing communications, activity and even travels.

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