If You See Something, Say Something – Fraud Edition

The well-known Department of Homeland Security campaign “If You See Something, Say Something™” seeks to educate the public about the indicators of terrorism and encourage individuals to report suspicious activity to law enforcement. While not as eminently dangerous, the current epidemic of fraud, waste and abuse in our state hurts all taxpayers and is only getting worse. One way to combat fraud is to take inspiration from the DHS campaign and report fraudulent activity when we see it. This list will help you locate the proper state agencies to notify when fraud or abuse are suspected.

Where Should I report

Tax Fraud – Income tax fraud, sales and use tax fraud, tax return fraud

Department of Revenue Services
E-mail: DRS.ReportTaxFraud@po.state.ct.us

Antitrust Violations – Price fixing, bid rigging

Office of the Connecticut Attorney General: Antitrust and Government Program Fraud Department
Phone: (860) 808-5040
E-mail: michael.cole@ct.gov

Health Care Fraud – Billing, providing unnecessary services, claim alterations, upcoding

State of Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit
Phone: (860) 258-5986 OR

Office of the Connecticut Attorney General: Antitrust & Government Program Fraud Department
Phone: (860) 808-5354
E-mail: ag.fraud@ct.gov

Unfair Competition – Misleading business practices that undermine informed consumer choice

Department of Consumer Protection
Phone: (800) 842-2649
E-mail: dcp.frauds@ct.gov

Workers’ Compensation Fraud – Staging accidents, corrupt physicians, dishonest claimants

State of Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice, Worker’s Compensation Fraud Control Bureau
Phone: (860) 258-5829

Department of Social Services Programs – Financial elder abuse, SNAP trafficking, provider fraud

Phone: (800) 842-2155
E-mail: providerfraud.dss@ct.gov

Developmental Services Programs – Medical double billing, over billing, billing for services not provided

Department of Developmental Services Fraud
Phone: (860) 418-6077 or (860) 418-6109

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