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Debit Card Monthly Fee – Reversal of Plans To Charge $5 Monthly

A little late with my post, but passing along the news story that Bank of America, the first to publicly announce plans to charge debit card users a monthly fee of $5, decided November 1st to reverse its decision.  One compelling reason may have had something to do with the over 300,000 signatures obtained on a petition protesting Bank of …

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Another Great Reason To Loose Your Bank Debit Card: Monthly Fees

A colleague business owner noticed a transaction on his bank account that wasn’t appropriate.  A check had cleared for an amount much too large for the dollar range of checks his company typically writes.  Within minutes he identified that the check had been altered and cashed, for approximately 1,900% more than it was originally written.  Consistent with requirements, he contacted …

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Another day… another friend is the victim of a financial crime.

Another day, another friend with a personal financial crisis.  The latest, a friend who had unauthorized activity perpetrated through illegal access to his debit card. I received this latest request for advice and assistance from a friend through FaceBook, of all places. Turns out someone obtained his debit card information, and withdrew the funds from his checking account. He was already working with …

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