The Embezzler – starring Charles Victor.

Flashback – London, July 1954. Henry Paulson (Charles Victor), a lead cashier in a small bank, has spent his entire life at the same bank, performing the same duties, married to the same person, performing the same daily routines – day in and day out.  Nearing his late 50s, Henry is presented with a bleak medical prognosis. Distracted by flashy travel posters, …

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The Embezzler. James M. Cain. Avon Book Company, 1946. A Great Read!

I found this great book on employee embezzlement and bought it on-line.  Used, it cost me a few dollars.  The title – “The Embezzler.” What a great book.  It is a simple story of a bank employee embezzling from the bank customer’s savings accounts, and how a superior bank employee discovers the theft. What made this book and story interesting …

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