Do we set realistic schedules?

You can’t rush a good bread.

How realistic are the schedules we set for ourselves and others? Personally, professionally, and socially.

I spent the day running around from sun up, with a thousand (maybe a few less) things to get done including the kid’s sports programs, cooking items for the evening, fix up items, errands, and more. As I rushed around all day like a mad person with no time for myself, I watched the bread I was making go to ruin. And I know exactly why. I rushed the recipe to jam it into my schedule and didn’t allow enough time for the scalded milk to cool, adding it into the yeast mix while much too hot, which killed any chance of my bread rising. So now another item added on my list – to the store to replace what I was supposed to make for this evening’s social appointment.

As I threw out my bread I wondered why we have become so schedule challenged, and once again admitted it’s our own fault. Why is it that today’s schedules are more like a race. How much can one get done in the hours provided? Why do we need to participate in so many programs? Why do our kids have to be on every team and at every game, and practice, and photo shoot (just how many team pictures can we get in a year?).

I often find myself talking with friends and fellow parents about how fast time goes by and how quickly our kids grow up, looking back to determine where the time has gone. It’s because of our unrealistic schedules of running all the time, before school, after school, ever night, and all weekend long. When we actually see our kids for the brief moments, they have gotten bigger.

I for one have decided today that I am not wasting any more time on another good bread.

I am going to start focusing on only those things that are important, and doing them better. Things that can’t be done today will just have to wait on the list of things to do. And maybe, just maybe, time will slow down a bit so I can actually enjoy a moment or two at home doing nothing with my family.

How’s your schedule?

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