Irony or Darwin Material?

Why would members of a group whose mission is to oversee the police department choose to steal from the organization?

The organizations individuals choose to victimize never stops amazing me. Was it a flawed victim selection process, or did the individuals really think they could pull it off without detection?

My dad’s constant reminder growing up rings true here – if you play with fire, eventually you will get burned. True for every embezzlement and theft. However, if you know an area is more combustible than other areas, why would you tempt fate by bringing a burning candle into the area? It’s simply a matter of time…

This one obviously caught my eye tonight:
Oakland police watchdog charged with embezzlement

The Associated Press

OAKLAND, Calif. – The former head of an Oakland police watchdog group has been charged with embezzling at least $7,200.

Authorities say 37-year-old Dawn Phillips, former executive director of People United for a Better Oakland, wrote several checks to himself in 2002 and 2003.

Phillips has pleaded not guilty to one count of grand theft and three counts of forgery. He has been released on $40,000 bail and is expected back in court in December.

Phillips is the second member of the watchdog group charged with embezzlement.

Fifty-year-old Christopher Donaldson was sentenced last month to a year in jail for allegedly stealing more than $72,000.

People United for a Better Oakland lost a total of more than $200,000 in 2002 and 2003 and almost went bankrupt.

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