Have You Heard?

CBIA’s Business Minute – I was fortunate to be interviewed for segments now airing.

Last month I was interviewed regarding how to prevent and detect employee embezzlement. It was both interesting and frightening at the same time. Anyone who knows me knows very well that I love to talk about employee crimes. But having what you say recorded and used on the radio – something new for me. Just the thought of saying something wrong (or dumb) made me freeze up.

Nancy Andrews of CBIA did such a great job putting this anxious guest at ease. How she took the information I provided and turned them into the segments is quite an art.

Special thanks to Nancy and CBIA for creating this opportunity.

You can hear the CBIA Business Minutes on the following radio stations:

WTIC 1080 – WICC 600 – WCTY 97.7 – WSTC 1400 –  WLAD 80 – Oldies 850 – 98Q

You can also listen to the prior CBIA Business Minutes by going to CBIA’s website and clicking the link on the right – Business Minutes.

Here’s the direct link:

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