Lost Digital Cameras

Ever think about what would happen if you lost your digital camera. How would you get it back?

When I hear a great and practical idea, I love to pass it along to everyone I know.

I know someone who recently left her digital camera behind at an event. When she realized what she had done, she went back but it was gone. After checking with lost and found, the camera was gone.

But what if someone actually turned in the camera, or wanted to return one found in a public area. I know when I left our digital camera pool side at a resort, I was so relieved someone turned it in at the office. All I had to do was describe it and describe where I left it.

I saw somewhere a great and practical idea. Get a piece of paper and create a note as follows:

If found, please contact Steve at 860-123-4567.

Then take a picture of the note, and always leave that picture on your camera.

The first thing someone is likely to do after finding a camera is look at the pictures in memory. They will see the picture of the note and have a means to contact the owner.

This would work for cell phones with cameras, although one would hope all the finder would have to do is call the cell service provider to arrange the return, or scroll through the contacts and call one to identify the phone’s owner.

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