Setting The Tone

In any situation establishing the initial tone will help to accomplish the goals and objectives. Today’s tone setting by the Congressional committee meeting with US auto makers spoke volumes.

This is not a political post, nor will I use this blog to voice personal political views or criticisms. But if I see examples in politics that I can draw upon to make a point, I will, and today’s hearings will serve as a fine first post using that source of information.

I learned while eating lunch and watching CNN today that the top leaders of the US auto makers were on Washington hill testifying before a congressional panel on why the US government shoold use $25 billion in taxpayer money to bail out the US car manufacturers.

One of the first questions posed to the leaders was this – by raising your hands, how many of you came here today by means of commercial airlines? When no hands were raised, the speaker stated “let the record show that no hands were raised, meaning each leader came here today with their private jet.”

The second question posed was this – by raising your hands, how many of you here today are willing to return back to your plants by way of commercial airlines, putting your private jets up for sale? When no hands went up, the speaker once again stated “let the record show that no hands were raised, meaning none of the leaders were willing to sell their personal jet.”

Then they started in on the questions as to why the auto makers needed outside funding from the Government.

I loved the opening questions – leaders asking for money but unwilling to make any sacrifices in exchange for the hand-outs. My stand on similar actions by the AIG executives after receiving their bail-out was included in an earlier post.

Today’s initial questions definitely set the tone for the rest of today’s hearing.

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