Your Never To Old To Learn Things

Today in Connecticut the temperature never rose above freezing. Outside all day, I was expecting to freeze. I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t, and I learned new things today.

I went on my first hike with the Boy Scouts today. Course in Connecticut with unseasonably cold weather and winds, today may not have been the best day to start the outdoors thing.

Armed for the Arctic, I was surprised how warm we stayed as we hiked all day long. I never went through the Boy Scouts when I was younger, something I have regretted – not earning the coveted Eagle Scout. But going through with my son gives me the experience first hand.

I thought today’s hike would simply be a cold walk outdoors. I was surprised at what I learned today on that hike.

After hearing the full story during phases of the hike, we toured the cave. That’s when I learned the same cave and the same story was in the Hartford Courant but a few months ago, yet the Boy Scouts have been coming on this hike for years.

It just made me think – as much as I think I know, there is so much more out there I don’t even know exists.

Today’s lesson – keep an open mind on everything you do, and if you do, you just might be pleasantly surprised to learn something new (and interesting).

Here’s the link to the article:,0, 545258. column

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