Viva Montreal – But Beware!

I recently traveled to Montreal for a family reunion.  Our time in the city visiting the different attractions was very relaxing and rewarding.  Everywhere we went there were signs including at our hotel and the adjacent grocery store just outside of the city warning us not to leave things unattended in your locked car.  I even noticed the constant police patrols through our upscale hotel’s parking lot.  None of that mattered.  I ended up loosing my GPS navigator, iPod shuffle, six or so DVDs and a jacket out of my car. 

I also think we lost our Gameboy as it hasn’t been seen since Montreal. A bit of advice for anyone traveling north into Canada – do not leave anything in your car, locked or not. Thefts of cars, especially cars with plates from the US, and thefts of car contents, are a real and daily issue up there.