Another Sad Sign Of Our Deteriorating Society

I watched President Obama deliver his speech last evening, and was shocked like all those in attendance when Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina heckled the President with his emotional outburst.  In at least one article in today’s media, individuals from Wilson’s district supported his actions.  Here’s just one quote – “Yeah, it was rude, but somebody needed to say it,” said Susan… “But” nothing.  It was rude is an understatement.  That was not the form or forum for expressing disagreement with the President’s statements.  Period.

I am not representing that I agree or disagree with President Obama’s policies and strategies, and I firmly believe everyone is entitled to an opinion, but in the context of last evening’s speech with all the country’s political leaders present, I think the outburst showed nothing but disrespect to the Office of the President (regardless of who currently fills that office), as well as our entire political system.

Representative Wilson was entitled to his opinion, but how he chose to express his opinion during the nationally televised speech was unacceptable, and the fact that individuals can support such actions just helps explain why the social climate in America continues to deteriorate.

Children disrespect their parents, students disrespect their teachers, motorists disrespect other motorists, elected officials disrespect the President… and the list continues on and on in this country.  At what point does this train stop and return back in the direction it originated?

Apologies seem to be the solution of choice these days, and in my opinion, apologies aren’t enough.

2 thoughts on “Another Sad Sign Of Our Deteriorating Society”

  1. Youre si droit. Im là avec vous. Votre blog est sûrement intéressant à lire si quelqu’un vient à travers elle. Im chance que j’ai fait parce que maintenant Ive a acquis une vue entière de cette nouvelle. Je ne savais pas que cette question était si importante et si universelle. Vous devez absolument mettre en perspective pour moi.

  2. Como é que qualquer um pode publicar um blog e ficar tão popular como este? Seu não gosto youve disse nada incrivelmente impressionante mais como youve pintou um quadro bastante através de um problema que você não sabe nada sobre! Eu não quero som quero dizer, aqui mesmo. Mas você realmente acha que você pode sair com a adição de algumas fotos bastante e não verdadeiramente dizer alguma coisa?

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