Focusing On Our Future: Investing In Our Children

Dealing with fraud and forensic matters, largely involving people stealing, lying, and ultimately ruining their life and the lives of their family, friends and employers, can make one take a dim view of the world and today’s state of society.  All too often individuals make decisions for self-promotion and enrichment, based solely on a heightened sense of entitlement, going well beyond blurring the line between right and wrong, regardless of their rationalization.

Unfortunately, younger generations have been exposed to the same lifestyles in society, where values, pride and ethics have become qualities of the past, replaced by the “get whatever I can at any cost” mentality.  Chivalry, manners and respect have joined the growing list of nearly extinct qualities as well.

While camping this past weekend I read a great article that addressed the issue of raising children, and things a parent could choose to do to instill values and social responsibility.  I strongly agree with the approach that the way we raise our children will be the only way we bring society back on track.  I don’t find myself overly religious, and I respect the individuality of choice when it comes to one’s religion, or no religion at all.  The article I read, while included in a Catholic publication, isn’t specific to any one faith, but rather identifies seven areas a parent can make a significant positive impact on their children and their future.

“Point One – a parent needs to choose to have dinner as a family as many days as possible.  Sitting and eating together has profound cultural and ethnic repercussions in children’s development and perception of what the home means to them.”

“Point Two – the choice to belong to a parish and practice the faith regularly has long-term positive effects.  Living out one’s faith as a family directly correlates with a child’s later sense of self-worth and ability to avoid drug abuse and teen pregnancy.”

“Point Three – a parent can make a big difference by choosing every night to review a child’s homework. Here, children learn they are a priority because you care about their work, achievements and struggles.”

“Point Four – a parent must demand that a child shares the truth of his or her day and relationships.  As the child grows and later faces the harder decisions adolescence and young adulthood bring, this truth-based trust will be a bond in the family.”

“Point Five – every year, a family needs to schedule a vacation away from home that makes the child’s recreation the priority.  What wonderful memories childhood vacations can make, no matter what the destination.”

“Point Six – in many cases, a child benefits when a parent activity helps him or her establish a balanced schedule that allows for a team sport, personal hobby or artistic or musical talent.  Developing these skills helps foster a healthier sense of self-worth that translates into greater achievements in life.”

Point Seven – a parent needs to choose to require social skills and proper manners of their child, in the house, at school and in life.  A child who is required to be accountable for his or her speech and actions will develop a great respect for others and learn to take responsibility for himself or herself in any situation.”

The entire can be found at:

“Making Hard Choices To Help Our Kids.  Father Michael F.X. Hinkley, The Catholic Transcript, February 2010.

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