Jean Chatzky's Blog: Ask Jean Tuesday: Free Yourself from Fraud

I was honored and humbled when I received an email out of the blue yesterday requesting assistance on a fraud related matter.

I have received many requests from all sorts of sources over the years, many from individuals or organizations who have fallen victim to some type of fraud or financial crime.  Still more inquiries come from individuals suffering through a divorce, struggling to determine how to identify their former spouse’s true income and assets.  Often I never hear from the person who requested the information, and I never know if what I provided was even helpful.  It’s a fine line between deciding to invest the time in responding to inquires versus ignoring them due to time limitations.

Yesterday’s request was unique in that the information I provided was incorporated into a response to a reader’s plea for assistance with their fraud issues – posted within Jean Chatzky’s blog post.  Certainly the highlight of my month!

I thought the blog post did an excellent job providing the reader with useful direction and resources to deal with being a victim of a financial crime.

Thank you Jean for incorporating my input in your blog.

Here’s the link to Jean’s blog post:

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