Interesting Blog: Physician Embezzlement Victim Educates Other Physicians

In my never ending search for the latest trends and information on embezzlement and financial crimes, I frequently find myself discovering unexpected fraud related “treasures”.  Last night was no exception.  I was preparing for an upcoming appearance at an medical conference.  The theme – preventing and detecting employee theft and embezzlement.

A simple Google News search using key words “embezzlement ” and “medical” led me to many recent articles relating to individuals who crossed the line and were caught stealing from their practices.  The bookkeeper for one practice embezzled over $2 million, a practice manager embezzled nearly a half million, and several others whose thefts reached large six-figure amounts.

Last night’s “treasure” find –

Although I am online most every night, as I have been my entire career, I had never landed on this site.  The site is sponsored and maintained by a practicing physician, Dr. Don Elton, who was victimized through an employee embezzlement.   Per Dr. Elton’s site: “I am a Pulmonary and Critical Care physician practicing in South Carolina. Like most physicians, I have been a victim of employee theft. None of us received any training in accounting or prevention and detection of employee embezzlement in school so I sought to write a concise book to fill in the knowledge gaps most physicians have in this very important area.”

Dr. Elton’s site is dedicated to articles, stories and information relating to fraud and embezzlement directed to the medical community.  In my experience, medical enviroments continue to be the number one victimized organization when it comes to employees stealing, and more resources like this site are needed to help change that statistic.

Beyond a physician, financial crime victim and blogger, Dr. Elton is also a published author.  Dr. Elton’s book, “How to Steal from a Medical Practice“,  targets assisting fellow practitioners, helping them minimize their risk of becoming a victim to employee theft and embezzlement.

If you are a medical provider who owns, manages or otherwise are responsible for the financial aspects of your practice, regardless of size, specialty or modality, you should bookmark Dr. Elton’s blog, track back regularly, and order a copy of his book.  He provides great advice, doctor to doctor, to minimize your chances of becoming a victim at the hands of one of your employees.

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