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No Shortage of Embezzling

Tonight I did a simple Internet search through Google’s News, using the key word “embezzlement.” The results – three screens of articles just from today’s publications on recent embezzlement cases, with a wide range of perpetrators and amounts involved.  The… Read More »

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Return of Red Box Movie Makes My Weekend

With all the press, attention and media stories focusing on the bad things that occur in society, it is easy at times to believe that society has really gone downhill, leaving one to wonder if any good remains.  Working in… Read More »

Coverage and Consequences All Over The Board

Three fraud related articles just appeared in one of my local newspapers, all on the same day.  The amount of coverage, and the consequences of each crime, makes little sense to me. Article 1 – woman forged a check (one… Read More »

Facebook: A Roadmap for Criminals?

A student of mine shared a story that opened my eyes to the risks of posting too much detail within a Facebook account. The posts on their wall discussed the medical issues of their parent, along with health updates.  A… Read More »

How Do You Secure Your Vehicle? Another Word of Caution.

Technology is great. Today we have gadgets that make our lives simpler and more efficient.  The problem is for every new gadget there comes potential risks, making our lives harder and more complex again, especially in today’s society where too… Read More »

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