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It's 10:00 PM – Do You Know Where Your GPS Is?

As I come across things that surprise me, I like to pass them along, especially if I was unaware of the issue, because it could very well mean many folks are unaware of the issue. I have a portable GPS,… Read More »

Fraud Prevention – "A Shared Responsibility"

I attended a fraud symposium sponsored by one of my state’s largest banks where they referenced their approach on preventing and detecting fraud as a “shared responsibility.”  The bank’s representatives highlighted bank products available to better protect the customer and… Read More »

Feeling Secure Using ATMs – Guess Again?

Much attention has been directed towards identity and credit card thieves “skimming” unsuspecting individual’s debit and credit cards, capturing the account information off the card’s magnetic strip and making up fraudulent cards using the captured information.  The first notice an… Read More »

Another Sad Sign Of Our Deteriorating Society

I watched President Obama deliver his speech last evening, and was shocked like all those in attendance when Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina heckled the President with his emotional outburst.  In at least one article in today’s media, individuals… Read More »

Consulting Expert versus Testifying Expert – Strategy Decisions

In litigation, there are two types of experts that can be retained by counsel.  The differences between the two can have a significant impact to retaining counsel’s case.  One major difference is that the “consulting expert” is typically retained by… Read More »

We have the resources to get to the bottom of your most complex financial matters. Our team of forensic accountants brings a varied background of experience to each matter.

Heading the team is Stephen A. Pedneault. A CPA and forensic accountant, Steve is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) and is a Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPA). He brings thirty years of accounting and fraud investigation experience to the firm.