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Cudos to James Nealson Who Nailed This Issue Regarding Production

Ever read an article that simply nailed an issue? The first two paragraphs of James Nealson’s article published in the CT Law Tribune has done that for me, based on my personal experience with litigation cases I have been involved… Read More »

And the cases continue to get bigger and bigger

130 million credit and debit card numbers stolen between 2006 and 2008 – just staggering.  By now with this case and all the other large thefts of credit information that we know about, and that’s limited to the ones we… Read More »

State Employees Who Didn't File State Tax Returns???

In light of every state in the country suffering a financial crises trying to minimize their budget deficits at the risk of increasing taxes to cover shortfalls, I could not believe it today when I read about some of the… Read More »

Punishment for Embezzlement Too Extreme?

Probation, suspended sentences, fines and restitution – all common consequences for white collar crimes.  Prison time – although the victims would like the suspects in jail, it is not necessarily the end result the perpetrator receives.  But execution… for white… Read More »


Up until a few hours ago when a colleague called me to tell me about this story, I had never heard of Huron.  Then I did some research.  Huron was a consulting firm started by a group of Anderson partners… Read More »

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