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Viva Montreal – But Beware!

I recently traveled to Montreal for a family reunion.  Our time in the city visiting the different attractions was very relaxing and rewarding.  Everywhere we went there were signs including at our hotel and the adjacent grocery store just outside… Read More »

Madoff – A New Measure for Egregiousness?

20 years, because there were fewer victims than Madoff’s, and the toll of the crime effected fewer than Madoff?  Since when does Madoff become the measure? $700 million, hundreds out of jobs – this is still pretty egregious – or… Read More »

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Update -Dreier (Heard About This One?)

I still can’t understand why some frauds receive much publicity, while others equally deserving and in the public’s eye receive next to no attention.  This Connecticut fraud involved an attorney who single-handedly brought down a multiple office law firm employing… Read More »

Connecticut Tops National Average… In Embezzlements

Another proud day to be residing in my home state of Connecticut.  In yesterday’s article “Gambling Takes A Toll” in the Journal Inquirer, writer Keith Phaneuf reviews a study relating to gambling as our Governer Rell and lawmakers debate the… Read More »

I'M Back!

Sorry for the break in my postings.  Writing books, re-writing my class at UConn, and having our web site and blog completely redesigned has distracted me from maintaining the blog posts.  The good news – I am back, and there… Read More »

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Heading the team is Stephen A. Pedneault. A CPA and forensic accountant, Steve is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) and is a Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPA). He brings thirty years of accounting and fraud investigation experience to the firm.