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What a Small World. You just never know.

I hope this article, very close to home, proves out to be other than reported. Last year we won a ride in a police car to school at a silent auction. My kids were so excited when Officer Wagner came… Read More »

Second To Cash Receipts Is Payroll

Payroll fraud schemes have been coming up second to thefts of cash receipts in my experience. Here’s one from this week. It appears she has stolen from four different employers.

Appreciation Happens In Succession

For any Connecticut folks, just how was the weather this past Saturday night? Bet you were warm and dry inside waiting for it to pass. Not this Boy Scout dad. My first scouting weekend, in a borrowed tent, sleeping on… Read More »

Attention non-profits – who is likely to steal from you?

Studies upon studies have attempted to identify a description of the candidates likely to embezzle your organization’s funds. Now here’s a story that finally nails it down.

Theft of Cash Receipts – keeps coming up over and over

Employees stealing customer payments and other receipts has been the hottest area for employee thefts in my past few years experience. Here’s yet another example.

We have the resources to get to the bottom of your most complex financial matters. Our team of forensic accountants brings a varied background of experience to each matter.

Heading the team is Stephen A. Pedneault. A CPA and forensic accountant, Steve is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) and is a Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPA). He brings thirty years of accounting and fraud investigation experience to the firm.