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Back To School—Meet The CT PTO Bandits

For families all over CT, September signifies the start of a new school year. Whether you have school aged children or not, you will likely be exposed to some sort of fundraiser for your local Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) as… Read More »

Connecticut has a task force for that!

According to the 2014 ACFE “Report to the Nations”, organizations lose, on average, 5% of revenues to fraud every year. In cases of asset misappropriation, the mean loss is $130,000 per scheme. For corruption cases, the mean loss jumps to… Read More »

Don’t Let Identity Theft Derail Your Vacation

As another summer approaches many Americans are looking forward to vacations they’ve been saving and planning for all year. Unfortunately, identity thieves intentionally target travelers and they will not be taking any time off this season. Nothing ruins a vacation… Read More »

Healthcare Fraud

The healthcare industry has been plagued with fraud. One particular area is improper billing schemes, perpetrated against Medicare, Medicaid & private insurance carriers. The FBI established a federal task force focused solely on healthcare fraud because the field has been… Read More »

Advancements in Technology… Pros and Cons

Constantly evolving technology impacts our work & personal lives every day, aiding in efficiency in daily tasks that is often taken for granted. Futuristic technology today Spying Devices – Vehicle-mounted GPS tracking devices, voice recording watches, and video recording stuffed… Read More »

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