Automating Through Cellular Technology Without Thinking About Safeguards

Shopping at a membership wholesale club this weekend, I learned I no longer needed to present my membership card to check out.  I simply scanned my card’s bar code using my smart phone, and when I checked out, I simply showed the bar code on my phone to the cashier, who scanned my smart phone screen.    I thought  back to how I gained access to the store (membership required), and all I did (and ever do) was hold up my card  as I whisked past the person at the door (most often not paying close attention to passing patrons anyway) and I was off shopping.

I asked the cashier how she knew it was me.  She had no response. I asked her what would prevent me from sharing my card to gain access, and my bar code with all my friends and family, by simply placing my bar code on all of their phones as well.  She had no answer.  I asked her why any of my friends or family should spend the $35 per person obtaining their own membership card, when they could flash my card to access the store, and use my bar code scanned into their phones to check out.  Once again, no answer, just a blank stare at me (as if I were speaking a foreign language).

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