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Criminal Records: Changes in Hiring For Connecticut

As reported in the Journal Inquirer June 28, 2010, Connecticut joins the growing list of states and cities adopting what is termed the “ban the box” movement within the hiring process. The box the article is referring to is on the job application completed by each candidate.  The question asks if the candidate has ever been convicted of a crime. …

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Employee Dishonesty Insurance – Generally Doesn’t Cover Everyone

I have posted previously on the importance of every employer to ensure employee dishonesty, employee fidelity and/or employee crime coverage is included within your current policies.  Often this policy is the only means for recovery from an employee theft. Even if coverage is maintained, I am confident most insureds are unaware of two common limitations within the coverage should there …

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No Shortage of Embezzling

Tonight I did a simple Internet search through Google’s News, using the key word “embezzlement.” The results – three screens of articles just from today’s publications on recent embezzlement cases, with a wide range of perpetrators and amounts involved.  The largest – a Wisconsin case – a recently discovered $4.5 million scheme by the vice president of finance at Koss. …

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