Punishment for Embezzlement Too Extreme?

Probation, suspended sentences, fines and restitution – all common consequences for white collar crimes.  Prison time – although the victims would like the suspects in jail, it is not necessarily the end result the perpetrator receives.  But execution… for white collar crimes???

“China executed the former chairman of a huge state-owned airport holding company on Friday, six months after he was convicted on bribery and embezzlement charges involving more than $14.6 million.”

I can remember the first time I read a foreign article about an individual in other country being executed for fraud, corruption and other white collar type crimes, and I was amazed. I have had so few of my cases end with prison sentences, and other countries are executing these folks?

Although staggering amounts of money can be involved in these types of cases, having long reaching effects on individuals, organizations and entire industries, something Madoff and others showed us recently, I am pretty certain that these theft-related crimes do not warrant execution.

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