State Employees Who Didn't File State Tax Returns???

In light of every state in the country suffering a financial crises trying to minimize their budget deficits at the risk of increasing taxes to cover shortfalls, I could not believe it today when I read about some of the very folks who directly benefit from our already too high state taxes who don’t bother to file their own state income taxes?  Seems to me hypocritical of these state employees, and granting them any leniency seems inappropriate.

My question is this – with unemployment reaching or exceeding 10% in many states, with so many law abiding, hard working, tax paying individuals out of work looking for a job, why should these state employees be allowed to continue being paid by our state when they didn’t bother to file their state tax returns?

Below is the link to today’s article –

Tax cheats found on CT payroll
Connecticut officials say they’ve cited nearly 600 state employees who didn’t file their state income tax returns over the last four years.

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