Employee Dishonesty Insurance – A Great Read

I just finished a book I purchased on-line on employee embezzlement I highly recommend.  Here are the specifics:

Stopping Employee Theft: What Every Employer Must Know.

R.W. Deckert      ISBN # 0-9662640-0-2

This book was not what I expected.  I thought this book would be another book written for the business owner audience on internal controls and segregation of duties to prevent employee thefts – and it does include these topics.

However, the author’s background included over twenty years working as an insurance claims adjuster for fidelity and employee dishonesty claims, and he spends the first half of the book educating the reader on what this coverage and complimentary policies entails.  From describing the different types of coverages and the importance of every employer to have such coverages, through what each type of coverage covers and doesn’t cover, he explains the entire claims process through final resolution of the claim, from receipt of payment through denial of your claim.  He also provides much advice on how to properly file your claim to ensure the maximum assurance of payment on the claim.

Often in employee theft and embezzlement cases the funds are spent or otherwise unrecoverable, and the insurance policy is the only means for recovery.  All too often even today victim employers fail to carry adequate to no coverage for the risk of employees stealing from the business, leaving no means for recovery.  This book is the best book I have ever found that details out the issues relating to this insurance coverage and the claims process leading towards recovery.  It will be a valuable resource in my library.

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