Public Signs: The Start Of A Trend For Consequences?

Day after day, people choose to break the law, and there simply are not enough resources available to address the growing frequency of crimes.  Naturally the resources are directed towards the most serious offenses, such as homicides, assaults, sexual assaults and robberies.  Unfortunately, as more and more members of our society put their own needs and life before anything and anyone else, ignoring laws and the safety of everyone else around them, the risk of consequences no longer appears to be a deterrent.

Just this morning coming home from an 18 hour shift, I only had to stop for two red lights.  In both cases (100%), when my light turned green, a vehicle from my left ran their red light, crossing at a high rate of speed across my green light.  Two for two.  Even with me waiting and my having a green light, they ran the light without any concerns for my safety.  These people have become a menace on the roadways.

Two years ago a judge in Texas ordered a couple to wear a sign on a public street for several months.  The sign stated they were caught steaming $250,000 from a victim’s fund.  See link below.  Just recently there were two more sign sentences.  The first involved a woman who stole from Walmart, and the second was a woman who, each day, drove around traffic, over grass and sidewalks, to go around a school bus with its red lights flashing.  See pictures and links below.

Unfortunately for the woman who passes the bus each morning, when news crews came out to talk with her during her punishment, she expressed no remorse and refused to comment.  Lesson learned – at least everyone now knows these individuals for what they did.

Perhaps each town should work with the courts, and dedicate an area within their town where more convicted sign bearers could march in public – they could call it the walk of shame.  Maybe the risk of being publicly humiliated would act as a deterrent, and start to reverse the sad trends we have been experiencing.

Kudos again to the judges handing out these sentences.

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