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Today's Embezzlements Highlighted In The Media

Here are today’s picks for embezzlements found in the news. One from my home state. A simple Google news search will find embezzlement articles pretty much every day. Here are two I found tonight. The first may be a sign… Read More »

Best Pie Crust Recipe

Here is my neighbor’s nationally recognized award winning apple pie crust recipe. My elderly neighbor passed away two years ago. It wasn’t until later that I learned her apple pies were sought after by relatives across the country. Apparently the… Read More »

Recognizing Your Weaknesses

Do you know when you need to ask for help? I thought I knew more than the average person about computer issues, preventing security breaches, and how to set up a computer system to reduce the risks for intrusions, viruses,… Read More »

Yet Another Medical Practice Embezzlement

Medical practices continue to be ripe for embezzlements. Doctors, dentists, chiropractors… you should know you are the most often victimized business in my experience. Here’s yet another theft made public by the Hartford Courant recently: “A Plymouth woman faces first-degree… Read More »

Connecticut Department of Health / Private Investigator Update

Should forensic accountants be required to be licensed private investigators? The State of Connecticut Department of Public Safety recently issued their report regarding their inquiry as to whether forensic accountants should be required to be licensed private investigators within Connecticut.… Read More »

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