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How closely do you review your store receipts?

We have become subjected to automated check-outs, bar code scanning and electronic payments for most purchases. Given our busy schedules, how close do you monitor your store receipts? Tonight was a tight schedule night. Pick up my kids, visit our… Read More »

Seniors Beware

Why is it that fraudsters and identify thieves target the elderly? The schemes seem to prey on their vulnerabilities in the hope they are less informed. In the latest scheme to resurface in our area, fraudsters call seniors pretending to… Read More »

Attention Churches, Congregations and Temples

Your organization’s finances may be in jeopardy at the hands of your own people. Every day this week when I searched Google News for “embezzlement” the top story has been a religious organization victimized by one of their employees. Although… Read More »

Change is possible – be positive

Glass half empty or half full? The parking lot attendant. Providence. Saturday evening. Parking garage off Fountain Street. No attendant in sight. No directions to follow. Stuck on the access ramp with a gate across our path. Finally we decide… Read More »

Two/Too Frequent Victims

Religious organizations and law firms join medical practices in the types of organizations frequently victimized by employees who embezzle. Right up there in my top ten victimized organizations along with medical practices are religious organizations and law firms. Here is… Read More »

We have the resources to get to the bottom of your most complex financial matters. Our team of forensic accountants brings a varied background of experience to each matter.

Heading the team is Stephen A. Pedneault. A CPA and forensic accountant, Steve is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) and is a Forensic Certified Public Accountant (FCPA). He brings thirty years of accounting and fraud investigation experience to the firm.