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Homeless Vet's Act A Sign Of Doing The Right Thing

Here’s a great story illustrating how doing the right thing can lead to greater rewards. I first heard this story last week at a local restaurant having breakfast with my son.  I searched to find the story, and to my… Read More »

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Teaching Right From Wrong – A Boy Scouts Lesson

This past weekend I camped with the Boy Scouts.  On Saturday several classes were organized, including a hike to find the lost village. As we hiked off the property and towards private property, the Assistant Scout Master leading the hike… Read More »

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Accountibility Redeemed – Just another night of damage to our vehicle

Quietly eating dinner tonight with my family, the waiter came to our table and asked if we own a certain vehicle in their parking lot.  I could tell before he even came over this wasn’t going to be good news. … Read More »

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Seatbelts Save Lives – But Only If They Are Worn.

Responding to emergency calls, I have seen a great deal over the last fourteen years since starting my second career working on an ambulance.  Recently we responded to a vehicle full of occupants that had rolled several times.  All the… Read More »

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Consequences Have Value – but only if they are preceived and imposed

In studying why embezzlements and similar crimes seem to be growing in both size and frequency, I have been looking for other societal indicators to see if the problem is bigger than simply thieving individuals rationalizing their thefts. One indicator… Read More »

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We have the resources to get to the bottom of your most complex financial matters. Our team of forensic accountants brings a varied background of experience to each matter.

Heading the team is Stephen A. Pedneault. A CPA and forensic accountant, Steve is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), and is a Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF). He brings over thirty years of accounting and fraud investigation experience to the firm.