High Speed Impact of Race Car Into Tree: As We Watched It Happen

Working on an ambulance for the past 15 years, I have seen the results of many accidents and incidents, a few bad ones, but never observed them as they occurred.  That is until yesterday. A car traveling like a race… Read More »

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The Embezzler – starring Charles Victor.

Flashback – London, July 1954.  Henry Paulson (Charles Victor), a lead cashier in a small bank, has spent his entire life at the same bank, performing the same duties, married to the same person, performing the same daily routines –… Read More »

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A Fresh Break From Life – A Few Funny Minutes

Life can be stressful.  Preventing and investigating fraud can be very frustrating, adding to the stress of life. Every once in a while I come across something that simply takes me away and makes me laugh (out loud even), and… Read More »

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Life Goals. Have Them? Get Them!

Some twenty-four years ago (oh my where has the time gone) I met me wife, and a short time thereafter we met a good friend who started talking to us about the importance of life goals – things we wanted… Read More »

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An Appropriate Sentence Long Over Due For Financial Crimes

Spending months of time, energy and funds investigating an employee theft and embezzlement, only to have the individual responsible receive a non-jail sentence, can be very frustrating to the victim of the crime.  Often the decision to pursue criminal charges… Read More »

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