Wallpaper and Screen savers

The power of observation – you can tell a lot about someone by their desktop wallpaper, screen savers and cell ring tones – you just have to be observant. My son has done a really good job finding crystal clear… Read More »

Do we set realistic schedules?

You can’t rush a good bread. How realistic are the schedules we set for ourselves and others? Personally, professionally, and socially. I spent the day running around from sun up, with a thousand (maybe a few less) things to get… Read More »

Change is possible – be positive

Glass half empty or half full? The parking lot attendant. Providence. Saturday evening. Parking garage off Fountain Street. No attendant in sight. No directions to follow. Stuck on the access ramp with a gate across our path. Finally we decide… Read More »

Best Pie Crust Recipe

Here is my neighbor’s nationally recognized award winning apple pie crust recipe. My elderly neighbor passed away two years ago. It wasn’t until later that I learned her apple pies were sought after by relatives across the country. Apparently the… Read More »

Remember What's Important

The things that matter most in life are health, family and friends. In addition to forensic accounting, I also help people through my work on an ambulance. As an EMT I experience people during difficult times and help deliver medical… Read More »

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